Little Girl, Syndicate Of Sound, 1966, Bell

Little Girl, Syndicate Of Sound (Re-Issue), Sundazed 1997

Hey, Little Girl Rock, Rhythm and Blues, 2011



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Little Girl: The History of the Syndicate of Sound, Syndicate Of Sound, 1995, Performance 399



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Little Girl / You, Syndicate Of Sound, 1966, Hush 228 (reissue as Bell 640)

Rumours / The Upper Hand, Syndicate Of Sound, 1966, Bell 646

Good Time Music / Keep It Up, Syndicate Of Sound, 1966, Bell 655

That Kind Of Man / Mary, Syndicate Of Sound, 1967, Bell 666

You're Looking Fine / Change The World, Syndicate Of Sound, 1968, Capitol 2426


Various Artists Compilations  

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The Sound Of The Sixties, Various Artists, 1983

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Party Classics, Various Artists, 1986

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Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968, Various Artists, 1998

Excerpts From Nuggets, Various Artists, 1998

Psychedelia And The Underground, Various Artists, 1998

Jukebox Hits of 1966, Vol. 1, Various Artists, 1999

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Time- Life Classic Rock: 1966 - Shakin' All Over, Various Artists, 1989

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24 Original Happening Hits, Various Artists

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Classic California Rock, 2000

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Love I The Song We Sing San Francisco Nuggets, Various Artists, Rhino, 2007 (Grammy Nominated) 

Garage Greats from the 60’s and Beyond, 2008, Disk Eyes