On the First Friday of every month, I host First Friday Blues Jam at Woodhams Sports Lounge, 4475 Stevens Creek Blvd. Santa Clara CA 95051, 408-244-2899. 

All “pro” and “accomplished club” players are welcome. Woodhams have a great stage and PA, the host band supplies a drum kit, bass rig, and at least one guitar amplifier. Your should bring your own personal instrument, and a small amplifier if you like. 

It's not always first come first served. I will do my best to get everyone up to play, but it does not always happen. I try to put good combinations of players together. For this jam you do need a little experience and you need a friendly attitude. The audience comes first, and patience and listening are key.

We welcome fans and seem to always have a great supportive crowd, and there is room to dance. 

I rotate the players in my host band, so you can check the calendar section of my web site for that information. 

 Angelo Rossi aka AJ Crawdaddy Guitar, Donnie Green Drums, and Bob Gonzalez Bass.

Donnie Green, Angelo Rossi aka AJ Crawdaddy, Amy Lou, and Jimmy Dewrance.


Bob O'Neil

 Bob Gonzalez bass, Chris Black guitar.

Bobbi Goodman, Joanne Le Blanc.

Jonna Garcia, Greg Garcia.

Don Heinsen keys.

Jack Johnson guitar, Bob Gonzalez bass. 

Dave Gonzales guitar, Bob Gonzalez bass. 

Jerome Kemsey.


Amanda Cunningham.


Mark Larsen drums, Steve Kirby guitar, Pete Brant guitar, Bob Gonzalez bass.


Charles Lyons.


Claudio Melega guitar, Patrick Hennessy drums.


Mike Mathiason guitar, Jeff Nieman guitar.


Dan Powers.


Bobby Simcox guitar, Gabriel Felton drums, Dennis Kong bass.


Claudio Melega guitar, Amanda Cunningham vocals, Dennis Dove drums, Duane O'Neal bass.


Bob Gonzalez: Hey, Little Girl   Rock, Rhythm and Blues

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